What to Buy a Woman for Her Birthday

It’s one of the great problems that men have to face annually: what do you buy a woman for her birthday? Of course, it’s not just men who have this problem! Women in general love getting gifts, and birthdays are not to be forgotten – as every partner who has ever done so knows all too well! The problem is the traditional gifts have all been done.

Perfume is a dangerous area, unless you know what she likes, and lingerie is not a great idea, despite what you husbands and boyfriends may think! Flowers are lovely, but look too much like an apology, and chocolates – while welcome – well, these sort of gifts don’t show much thought! It’s knowing that you have put effort into deciding what you are going to buy her that counts, and if it’s something original and impressive, she will be extra happy!

We had a look at a few ideas for you, so read on and see if this helps!

Treat Her to a Night Out – this is a great idea for married couples who have – as they tend to – fallen into the rut of work and no play; why not surprise her with a night out? Perhaps take her to a favourite restaurant, or go to the cinema? Or maybe organise an evening out on the town with friends? These are simple yet much appreciated things that she will appreciate.

Take a Weekend Away – why not book a weekend break somewhere? She might enjoy a spa weekend with a friend if you want to give her some time to herself, or perhaps you and she could spend a couple of nights in a country hotel, and have a romantic break together? There are plenty of excellent deals around that won’t break the bank, and it will be a welcome gift.

Custom Gift Baskets – if you are stuck for ideas and can’t choose between one thing and another, why not check out gift baskets for women? There are so many to choose from, and each has been carefully put together to make an appreciated and welcome gift, and they are surprisingly sensibly priced. They make great gifts all year around, too.

Tickets to a Show – if she is into the theatre, or perhaps has a favourite band she would like to see, why not buy her tickets to the show? If you are not into it she can go with a friend, or you could go together? It’s always great to spend some quality time together, especially if you’re enjoying a great show.

The above tips are mainly aimed at buying for a female partner, but could easily apply to a friend, sister, or even mother or grandmother! Aunties and cousins too will appreciate such gifts, so there is plenty of the family covered! Have another look and either follow one of our choices, or find some inspiration among them, and we’re sure you will be able to buy her a gift for her birthday that she will truly appreciate.