4 Fantastic Benefits of Facial Steamers

No-one finds getting old easy. Particularly not the effects it has on your skin. If you are looking to reverse or slow down the signs of ageing, it may be worthwhile investing in a facial steamer. These ingenious devices can be of benefit to you in many ways, as you’ll see from the following post.

Improved Circulation

There are special receptors on your skin that warn your brain when there is a rise in the temperature. To counter a temperature rise, your body starts thermoregulation. During this process, your skin’s blood vessels start to dilate to allow a greater volume of blood to flow to your skin to help expel some of the excess heat. As well as letting off heat, your blood also delivers important nutrients and oxygen to skin tissue.

Gets Rid of Sebum

A natural oil that is found in skin that helps to lubricate, protect and moisturise your skin and hair, sebum is created in your hair follicles sebaceous glands. When either the follicular opening is clogged or there is too much sebum being produced, it can get trapped in your follicles. This causes acne. Steam has been known to be successful for treating an outbreak of acne, blackheads. Facial steamers soften the plugs of blackheads to gently and easily release them.

Reverse or Slow Down the Effects of Aging

When your skin dies, which it does regularly, a natural process known as mitosis is necessary to divide cells and produce new skin. Newer skin cells are firm and plump, but as you get older these cells that were once fresh and full of vitality gradually work their way up through the various layers of your skin.

While they do this, they are transformed on a physiological level. By the time they make it to your skin’s top layer, these cells are hard, flat and very often, dead. A special type of cement connects dead cells together with the living tissue underneath.

The dead skin cells create a barrier that helps to protect your body from various kinds of viral, fungal, bacterial and even environmental aggressors from accessing your body. They also stop excessive amounts of moisture escaping.

When you are younger, it takes around 28 days for new skin to develop. As you get older though, dead cells are not shed as quickly and that is when your skin starts to look tired, depleted and just old.

Saunas and devices like the ozone facial steamer can help though, as the steam loosens up the cement-like substance that holds dead skin cells together. Therefore, after using a facial steam your skin will look and feel fresher and healthier.


Along with the obvious and direct health benefits, using a facial steamer can have similar effects to a hot shower or bath. It can help you to unwind after a hard day or week.

If you’ve been unsure about using facial steamers in the past, we understand your reservations. We hope with this post we’ve been able to dispel a lot of your concerns and show the benefits you can gain from using one.