The Types of Footwear Every Woman Needs in Her Life

As any woman knows, footwear is important. It’s just as vital as the rest of your outfit, but do you have all the types of footwear in your closet that a woman should have? In truth, you probably only need five pairs, but the point is they need to be right five, each offering something important and unique that the others can’t. So whether you want to add to your footwear collection or maybe even slim it down in total, here are the five types of footwear every woman needs in her life.

Classic Ankle Books

Classic ankle boots should be a stable for all women because they offer that support you’re looking for a lot of the time and they provide a bit of sturdiness that the rest of the footwear on this list simply don’t. So if you don’t yet own a pair of ankle boots that you can rely on in many different contexts and feel comfortable in, now is definitely the time to change that.

Ballet Flats

When it’s the summer and you want something light and simple on your feet, a pair of ballet flats often do the trick. They can be used in all sorts of occasions, but their simplicity and comfort are what make them so suitable and so appealing. There are cheap options but if you want to rely on them for a long time, consider upgrading to a better pair.

Your Go-To High Heels

High heels might not be a type of footwear all that often, but we all know there’s going to be at least a handful of occasions throughout the year when you feel the need to wear a pair. That’s why you need to have a go-to pair of high heels that you can rely on and that can be easily matched with most outfits you might want to wear. Search until you find the right pair for you.

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Comfortable Slippers

Comfort is a factor that should never be underrated when it comes to footwear. And that’s especially true when you’re in the home. A pair of felted slippers that offer maximum comfort are a must for any woman. It’s a real joy when you can come home, take off the shoes you’ve been wearing all day and put on those comfortable slippers for the laid back evening ahead.

Timeless White Sneakers

Finally, we have the timeless white sneakers. These are never going to go out of fashion and they’re always going to be useful in one way or another. Maybe you need some shoes to go with your casual outfits or you want something to wear when you’re still going to the gym thanks to those New Year’s resolutions. Either way, you need some timeless white sneakers.

Each of these types of footwear is essential in one way or another, whether they can finish off an outfit or provide you with comfort when you need it. So if you’re missing any of the types of footwear mentioned above, make that something you rectify at the soonest opportunity.