Choosing Jewelry for Different Occasions

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Jewelry is something that can entirely transform your outfit, so when you are choosing which items to go with different occasions, this can be a very difficult task to navigate alone. In this blog post, we are going to be running through a few common occasions and giving you some inspiration of the types of jewelry that you can wear for them.

Casual Work Days

People tend to dress a lot more casually to work these days, but you still want to wear jewelry that leaves a lasting impression – particularly if you are meeting a big client. You don’t want to go overboard, but if you are wanting to give your outfit an extra boost, you could wear some decorative items such as an oversized necklace or some colourful earrings. In general, it is a good idea to leave your more expensive items at home where they won’t get lost or damaged.


Particularly when you have a family, your vacation is one of the only times that you get to relax during the year. Of course, the jewelry that you wear depends very much on the place that you are going to visit. On the beach, you probably just want to wear something cheap and colourful that you have purchased while there. Try not to bring along too many expensive pieces, particularly when you are travelling internationally and they are likely to get lost or stolen.

Special Occasion

An evening out on the town or a party is when you are most likely to wear your best and fanciest jewellery items. If you are in the process of choosing some new jewelry, check out this Ritani review. Still, it is often nice to take a more understated approach, so you don’t have to pile on too much jewellery. Perhaps just a simple necklace and matching pair of earrings will suffice. If it is an anniversary, it is a nice touch to wear the things that your partner has bought you over the years.

Job Interview

Job interviews are extremely stressful situations for most people, and you probably won’t want to go too over the top with your choice of jewelry. Choose your outfit and jewelry well in advance of going to the interview so that this doesn’t provide a distraction to you. Don’t spend too long stressing about getting the exact right pieces. Perhaps a couple of simple rings and a necklace would do just fine.

Any Occasion with Young Children

If you have young children or you are going to an event when some will be there, the last thing that you want to happen is for your jewelry to become damaged. Avoid wearing hooped earrings and dangling necklaces as these are an ideal target for babies and toddlers. Instead, go for stud earrings or classic rings and brooches.

There you have just a few common occasions and some basic considerations when you are trying to choose jewelry that matches the events perfectly.