Working Your Face For The Perfect Look

Did you know that your face shape affects a lot of things? It can make a difference to the makeup you use, that hairdo you sport and even the glasses that you wear. Read on for some more info on how to work with your face shape to achieve the best look.


To find out if you have a long face shape measure the length and the width and then divide the first by the latter. If the figure is over 1, then you probably have a longer face. If you do have a longer face shape, then you are in good company. As celebs like Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker also have faces that fall into this category.


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To work this face shape ensure that you have a mid length hairstyle. Cuts with lots of layers and texture work well as they draw attention away from the length. Glasses should be aviators or wayfarers style for the same reason.

Of course contouring this face shape can reduce the appearance of length and provides a more balanced look. Apply darker contours of powder along the forehead and chin, but skip the sides of your face. Then keep the highlight small and close into to the nose, upper cheeks and eyes.


Those of us with round faces experience a different kind of struggle. A round face is shaped in such a way that the wide and length are very similar. This can cause an issue because it’s hard to get the shapely bone structure that is so popular at the moment.

Haircuts should be choppy’s and feathered into the face to break up the circular shape. Glasses should be square to provide some linear definition.

Contouring needs to focus on cutting down the width of the face by using a darker powder at the sides and under the chin for definition. In some cases, chin liposuction might be used to provide a more shapely appearance.


If you are rocking an oval face shape, then just like the lovely Dita Von Teese, you are very lucky! You have the most attractive shaped face and the one that suits pretty much any style of hair and glasses. Only minimal contouring is needed too, but you can focus on the top of your forehead and nose, to give them a more attractive appearance.


If you have a heart shape face, it is wide at the top and then narrow towards the chin. While this might not sound like a good thing, many celebrities have these proportions, and it certainly hasn’t done them any harm!

The chief task when dressing a heart shaped face is to try to balance out the top half with the bottom. That is why long, voluminous hairstyles work well. Glasses should be shaped at the top, like cats eye frames, so they create an effective transition from the forehead down.


A square face is sometimes known as a handsome face. This is when the features can be relatively masculine, but they all come together to create a beautiful but strong look.

Square-faced ladies should work to soften the angular lines that nature has given them. This means contouring around the forehead, temples and chin.

Glasses should be round and oversized to balance the shape of the face. Hairstyles need to be voluminous on top to create the correct ratio so that the face appears smaller.