What’s The Link Between Skin Care & Skin Health?

Are you one of those women who gives their face a quick rub with a facial wipe before hopping into bed? We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but in the beauty industry, you’re enemy number one. Even though the packaging may say that facial wipes work just as well as cleansing and toning properly, it’s not true. In fact, all they tend to do is rub dirt, makeup, and oil around your face; they don’t actually remove much of it. Pretty gross, right?

Research into skin care and skin health has found that there’s a link between how we look after our skin and how healthy it is. We already had a hunch about this, but now we know for sure. How you take care of your skin has a big impact on your overall skin health, and so, we thought we would delve a little deeper into this, below.

Skin gets damaged easily


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If you pay any attention to your skin, you will know that certain things damage it. From the weather to taking showers that are too hot, there are lots of things that can cause skin care issues. Take cold weather, for instance, the weather itself chaps our skin and makes it sore. While the heaters we use to warm our homes make the air humid, meaning that our skin becomes more prone to drying out. Then there’s the sun’s UV rays that can damage our skin come rain or shine, making it more prone to early aging. The fact is there are hundreds of things that can damage our skin, causing all sorts of problems.

Having a daily skin care routine can limit damage

Linking back to the point above, although our skin is prone to damage, it doesn’t have to be. If you give your skin all the TLC that it needs, it doesn’t have to be prone to environment-related problems. Take winter as an example, to prevent your skin getting chapped, sore, or drying out, it pays to apply a rich cream each morning and evening. To protect against sun damage at the same time, opt to use a face cream that contains SPF protection. Studies have shown that by applying SPF protection every day, you can significantly slow skin aging and more than half your risk of skin cancer.

Undergoing professional treatments can aid skin health


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Research has also shown that by undergoing treatments, such as laser therapy for acne, we can make our skin healthier. The fact is by treating any problems our skin has; we can give it a health boost. Lots of clinics, such as Prescription Skin Care, offer a range of treatments for all sorts of skin problems. These accessible treatments mean that should we want to, we’re able to aid our skin’s health by dealing with any issues. Of course, prevention is always best, but sometimes skin issues just can’t be prevented.

Without care, skin can become more problem-prone

The fact is that without adequate skin care, such as taking the time to cleanse your face at the end of the day, skin becomes problem-prone. Say, for example; you use a wipe to remove your makeup, instead of cleansing. This will mean that a lot of dirt and oil is left on your face overnight, which could lead to breakouts, blemishes, and even, early onset aging. Studies have shown that without adequate care, skin becomes twice as prone to problems. From acne and redness to more serious problems, not taking proper care of your skin can have a big impact.

Research has shown that there’s a significant link between skin care and skin health. The fact is if you don’t take care of your skin properly, you’ll be more prone to all sorts of skin problems. So, it really does pay to put a suitable skin care routine in place and undergo any necessary treatments.