The Ultimate Guide to Good Hair Care

A lot of people wonder how often they should wash their hair. If you are one of those people who wash their hair every single day then you are making a mistake. The natural oils in your hair are designed to protect and even condition your roots and if you shampoo every single day, then you wash all of these oils away. The truth is that you only need to wash your hair up to three times a week, but if you really want to get the best result out of your hair care routine, then there are other steps that you can follow.

Don’t Wash Coloured Hair Too Much

The one mistake that people make when they have coloured hair is that they wash it too much. You also need to make sure that you buy a really high-quality shampoo. You will then need to wash it every couple of days and if you need to freshen up your hair then try and use styling products instead. There’s a great source for that right here. Your lifestyle will need to be taken into account with this and if you have a job where you are frequently around oil or anything else that requires you to shower then you have no option but to do so. Of course, the amount you shower also depends on the type of hair that you have, but two or three times a week is a good benchmark for you to try and follow.

Use Dry Shampoo

If you are trying to scale down on the amount of times that you wash every week then you need to try and remember that dry shampoo is actually your friend. Dry shampoo helps to reduce the amount of oil that is in your hair and it also helps to give you that silky smooth texture. You can also leave it in if you want to create volume. The best thing about dry shampoo however, is that it can help you to retain all of the essential oils you need in your hair.

Shampooing and Avoiding Hot Showers

When you shower, you need to make sure that you don’t put a huge dollop of shampoo onto your hands. The amount you use will depend on the length of your hair and even how thick it is, but a very small blob the size of a bottle cap is the best way to start. When you shampoo, do the scalp and not the ends because the shampoo will run down the ends anyway and you don’t want to rough up your ends too much. If you shower in water that is too hot then you also have the problem of opening up your pores too much. This will encourage more oil to come out of your skin and into your hair. Try and shower in water that is warm enough for you to enjoy your shower, but not too hot that it damages your hair. It’s also a good idea to finish on a colder wash, to close up those pores.