Tips for a Successful Career in Makeup Artistry

Do you have recurring dreams that you a successful makeup artist, working with high-class clients and in a variety of different industries? If you want to take your passion for following those beauty trends and experimenting with different colours and looks all day, it is possible to make that dream a reality. No-one involved in the industry is going to tell you that you’re wrong – that it isn’t a fun or exciting thing to get paid to do all day, every day.

However, like anything in life, especially something good, it takes a lot of work. Even if you are doing your friends and have the odd friend of a friend client already, you may be wondering how you can really take things to the next level. Do you need to attend a makeup artist school or can you have a career being solely self-taught?

If that is the stage you are at, we are here to help as we look at some helpful tips for getting on that road to success in the world of makeup artistry.

Practice and more Practice

This is probably not very surprising. As you already know, if you have spent time watching YouTube tutorials, practicing your art is crucial to getting better at makeup. So, whether you spend time working on your own makeup, trying new techniques or give your friends makeovers, this is something you should make a part of your daily routine. Being taught by professionals is obviously key but practicing on your own also helps.

Formal Education

Speaking of learning from professionals, although you may think you would be able to carve a career in the makeup industry without a professional qualification, you’d be wrong. Taking a makeup artist course at a reputable institution can help get your foot in the door with many employers and clients. On these kinds of courses, you will learn lots of specialist techniques and how to do makeup for various situations and scenarios, such as bridal makeup, TV and movie makeup and lots more.

Read Up on Your Favourite Makeup Artists

One of the best ways to figure out your path to success is by following in the footsteps of those who’ve come before you. Look at the different stories of successful makeup artists that you look up to and consider the styles you find most appealing. This will help you have more focus.

Use the Internet to the Full

Although the internet has provided more people with a huge platform to get noticed, it has also made it incredibly competitive. You have no chance of a successful career in makeup artistry if you do not have a firmly established web presence and something of a following. We already mentioned YouTube tutorials. If you don’t already have a vlog of some kind or even a website, you should reconsider. Even just using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help you get noticed.

Accept Any Job Offers and Learn from Them

While working on your career, accept any job offers, even the ones that don’t pay. This is how you build up your professional experience. Don’t be too big for your boots and think that certain gigs are ‘beneath you’ or ‘not worth your time’. Besides, you have no idea who you might meet.