Pamper Your Eyes This Weekend


Sometimes our eyes need a good old pamper session. We seem to neglect our eyes and the important role they play in our lives each day. They work tirelessly every single day of our lives making sure that we can see the things around us and appreciate the beauty of life. If you want to give something back to your eyes this weekend here are some of the things you can do…

Remove your makeup

First of all, take off your makeup. Our eyes are part of our face which we all like to accentuate with colour and shading, and they end up having more product on them than the rest of our face combined. To pamper your eyes and give them a break this weekend let them breathe. Take the weight of the makeup off and let your eyes enjoy being free and bare.

Steam your face

Our eyes consist of a jelly like substance which makes up more of their mass. If you want to keep your eyes happy and healthy throughout your life the best thing you can do sometimes is steam your face to help this jelly layer stay plump and moist. All you will need to do is fill a bowl with hot water. Sit down and grab a towel to place over your head. Sit with you head over the water and let the steam penetrate those pores. You will feel so much cleaner and more energised after, and your eyes will love you for it.

Close your eyes

If you really want to give your eyes a well needed rest and refresh, the best thing for you to do is close them. Our eyes are active from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep, and this can mean that they can be pretty tired. Put on some music you love and close your eyes for a while, even take a nap if you want. Your eyes will thank you for the rest.


As we discussed above, our eyes need to stay hydrated. If you don’t have the time to go around steaming your face each day, you can also help your eyes by using a moisturising spray or a cream. Try to get one which is full of vitamin E because this is particularly useful for your eyes. You can also look for some really great moisturisers which contain shea butter or cocoa butter which are also intensely hydrating for the skin.

Eye exercises

There are many different things you can do to keep your eyes healthy, and one of those is vision therapy. You can use this to help your eyes stay active and healthy for longer and you can also do some eye exercises to make sure that your eyes are able to function correctly. Take your time and have some fun with this, and then you can sit back and relax with your eyes happy and resting.