Inside And Out: Developing A Positive Self-Image


When we’re looking to make a positive change in life, we can aim to make superficial alterations. But is changing our looks key to making ourselves feel better? In fact, it might be a combination of what goes on outside, but what we have on the inside as well, namely, developing a positive self-image. Is there any way we can do this with a combination of factors?

Learning To Highlight Your Attributes

Although this is something any plastic surgeon can do for us, if we are to take a leaf out of the book of any beauty expert, it’s about making the most of what we’ve got. Learning to highlight your attributes is all about having a good look in the mirror, seeing what you like about yourself, and amplifying this as much as possible! But it’s also about minimizing the things you don’t like as well. But we have to remember that everybody’s opinions are different, and if we rely so much on what others think, are we really that confident in ourselves?

Working On Developing Your Confidence

It is easy to blame anything on the lack of confidence. But if you looking at improving your positive self-image, having that confidence in every aspect of your being is going to make you appreciate yourself in every way. While we can learn to highlight the best things about us, if we don’t have that inner confidence in which to back it up, we will always struggle with a negative perception of ourselves. But we can work at changing our internal thoughts over time, through positive self-talk, learning to be at peace with ourselves, but also using ourselves as a benchmark for improvement, rather than anyone else…

Getting Over The Idea Of Perfection

Nobody’s perfect, but we always look to those Instagram famous people and aspire to be like them. Of course, this is a crass generalization, but what we have to think about when making ourselves as perfect as possible is that it’s not about anyone else. We can alter our image to look like someone else, but this means we lose our own identity. Positive self-imagery is all about looking at what you have to offer. If we don’t think of ourselves as adequate in any way, negativity is going to breed, we will never attain that idea of perfection in any way, shape, or form that is in our minds. Perfection doesn’t actually exist, so once we attain what we believe to be perfection, we will always move on to the next challenge. Instead, stop, and assess what you’ve got, and be happy in who you are.

A positive self-image is such a long journey, especially when we don’t have anything nice to say about ourselves anyway. But what we can do to ensure that we feel better about ourselves is to stop chasing something that’s not there in the first place. If we have a negative opinion of ourselves, anxiety and depression aren’t far behind. It’s far better for us to be happy in who we are because this is the one thing in life we have control over.