How to Have the Perfect Prom

It’s the one occasion all young girls look forward to at the end of their school year: the prom, the big do where everyone gets dressed up, where all the stress and strain of the year that’s gone is forgotten, and where you get to look your best, and have a fantastic time! But it’s not that easy, and you are probably stressing about what to wear, how to get there, and – worst of all – whether anyone is going to ask you to the prom! We know what it’s like so don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We have put together a few tips that should help you enjoy your prom to the full, so sit back, take a few minutes, and read on!

Don’t wait to be asked – here’s the thing; those friends of yours with boyfriends, that’s great, but they don’t have a choice – you do! You probably want to be asked to the prom by a handsome young man, and every girl does, but why wait? If you have your eye on a single boy, what’s stopping you making the first move? OK, so it goes against convention, but think about this: most boys of your age may act like they’re confident and streetwise, but when it comes to girls, they are shy and probably have no idea what to do next, so ask him. Go on, be brave, and ask the boy you want to take you to the prom. We bet he says yes!

Don’t overspend – you want to look the part, and you want to be the one that everyone looks at. You can be, but you don’t have to break the bank to do it! We’ll come to the all-important prom dress in a minute, but think about accessories; you can get really great, really cheap costume jewellery that looks the part – both online and in the shops – and make-up too. It’s all about budgeting because you really want to keep some back for the dress!

Choosing the Prom Dress – this is it, this is the crowning glory of making sure your prom goes perfectly; choosing the right dress. Or is it? In many ways the dress you choose can be the make or break decision, but you shouldn’t stress about it. What’s the best way to choose the right dress? There are a few things to think about.

First, choose what you like, not what you think other people will like. This is your dress, and your prom, and you want to look good for you, not just for others. Second, don’t be influenced by what others have chosen. You want to look outstanding, not like everyone else! And third, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great dress. Check out online discount stores, for example, and you’ll be amazed what you find. Many times a girl spends a load on a dress, then someone turns up in an off-the-shelf number from a high street store and steals the scene. Look around, take your time and – as we said first – wear what you like to wear.

Enjoy the night – this is one point that is often overlooked. The purpose of your prom is to celebrate, and that means enjoying yourself. Don’t feel pressured to do as others do, don’t let people push you into dong stuff you don’t want to do, and don’t be swayed by what people say and do. Do what you want – dance, chat, mingle and have a laugh – and not what you think you’re expected to do. It’s a night for fun, perhaps for romance, and most of all to let your hair down and have a party!

Arrive in style – our final tip is about making an entrance. The popular method of transport to the prom has become the stretch limo, but we think this is old hat now. If you want to arrive in style, look around for someone hiring their services with a vintage car, or a luxury model that is not too over the top. Get a few friends together and find something that looks classy, stylish and makes the right impact, rather than something vulgar and ostentatious. You want to be noticed, but for the right reasons!

Remember, the prom is for you to enjoy. It’s not a competition, you can just be yourself and have a great night. Read through our tips again, get online and look for the perfect dress, and make sure you and your friends have a great time!