5 Options To Boost Hair Growth


Science says that, for most people, hair grows at around one inch per month. That’s… not a lot, especially if you’re hoping to wear your hair long. Given that nature seems to be a little bit slow when it comes to hair growth, it’s worth considering the options that might give your hair a boost. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to consider.

While you may need tape in extensions if you’re determined to add inches to your hair immediately, here are a few methods that might boost your natural hair growth over time…

#1 – Caffeine Shampoo

The principle behind caffeine shampoo is very simple. When it hits your scalp, the caffeine has an enlivening effect; not dissimilar to the way you feel when you drink coffee. This effect is designed to encourage blood flow to the scalp, resulting in thicker and quicker hair growth. Most reviews are positive and trying a caffeine shampoo is relatively inexpensive, so it might be worth a try. Furthermore, not only can it potentially boost your hair growth efforts, but caffeine shampoo is an excellent cleanser that’s guaranteed to keep you looking good all day long.

#2 – Castor Oil

Castor oil is an old classic when it comes to hair growth. The idea is simple: apply castor oil, leave it for as long as possible, and then your hair will flourish. There’s no scientific evidence behind this one, but most who have tried it are positive. If cash is an issue, then this is a good starting point — a bottle of good-quality castor oil shouldn’t cost you more than $10.

#3 – Scalp Massage

It’s generally accepted that increasing blood flow to the scalp is the best way to encourage hair growth. One of the best, simplest, and cheapest ways of achieving this is by indulging in regular scalp massages. You can massage on dry hair, but for a double whammy of goodness, why not try doing it while giving a deep conditioning treatment time to work? Your hair will hopefully grow faster, and it’ll be in better condition too!

#4 – Brushing More Often

Remember how in The Brady Bunch, Marcia brushes her hair 100 times before she goes to bed? It turns out she might have been on to something. Once again, it’s the “blood flow to the scalp” concept that’s at work here. You’ll also help to distribute natural oils down to the tips of your hair, so your hair should be shinier and more manageable too. It’s got to be worth a try, hasn’t it?

#5 – Protein Masks

A protein mask can be made of anything that you want. You can buy a protein mask from a store, or you can make one yourself with a couple of eggs. The idea here is like-for-like; hair contains a lot of protein, so adding more onto the hair is said to be beneficial. That’s not quite how biology works, but it’ll only cost you a couple of eggs to find out if it works for you.


Given time and proper care, your hair should be able to exceed that one inch per month that is the base level of growth. Good luck!