4 Tips to Preventing Tooth Decay

Plaque that is build up on the mouth is the main cause of tooth decay. The enamel of the teeth erodes away due to a highly acidic plaque. At this point cavity is formed, and as it becomes bigger, bacteria in the mouth harm the tooth thus causing inflammation. This is the reason people feel pain inside their teeth, and are obligated to go to the orthodontist. In order to avoid this uncomfortable situation, try to take certain repercussions. There are particular ways to avoid tooth decay.

Brush Regularly

Try brushing your teeth for two minutes or more, right before you go to bed, and at least once more during the day. The time is yours to choose, considering the morning brush is a part of everyone’s morning routine, so brushing after lunch would be the golden mean. Furthermore, wait for some time after you have finished eating, to brush. Do not do it immediately after the meal. If your food included fizzy drinks, or fruit, immediate brushing can highly damage your teeth. The saliva will neutralise the acid within an hour, and this is the perfect time span to leave your teeth without brushing. Additionally, the way in which you brush is also very important. Bear in mind that you should replace your electric toothbrush regularly, for they become less effective due to wearing out. Moreover, use a fluoride toothpaste and do not forget to rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water.

image 2Flossing is Key

Oral hygiene should not be left without flossing. This activity will remove plaque and any food particles that are stacked in areas that toothbrush mostly cannot reach. These areas include the space between teeth, and under the gum line. You should floss at least once a day, and especially after a meal that contains food that can easily stick on your teeth, and not get removed as easily. Floss with 8-10 strokes, up and down between each tooth, that way you will dislodge both food and plaque.

Healthy diet equals healthy teeth

Not only is the healthy diet the key to a fit and healthy body, but also to a healthy oral cavity. Tooth decay will best be prevented if you limit the intake of sugar. Processed and fast food such as chocolate, sweets, biscuits and cakes contain the largest amount of sugar. Moreover, pastries, buns, fruit pees, puddings, sugary cereals, jams, ice cream, syrups, milkshakes, alcoholic drinks and sugary drinks are harmful for the teeth. Instead of feeding on these products, choose the better alternative, which includes fruit, vegetables, cheese, and unsweetened beverages. If you must sweeten your drinks, use the artificial sweeteners because they do not help tooth decay. Dairy products are beneficial because they contain many essential nutrients for healthy teeth. Vitamin D, phosphates, and calcium are all the part of these products which benefits teeth health, for teeth are actually made up of calcium. A sugar-free gum is a great choice for after the meal. Chewing produces saliva, which will neutralize the acid produced by food.

Visit the dentist frequently

One of the most important parts of personal hygiene should be the dental check. Even if you do not feel any pain, you cannot be sure whether your teeth are healthy until you see a dentist. Orthodontist’s offer a great variety of dental services and make sure you visit them regularly. They can give you great piece of advice on how to protect your teeth, what to use to prevent your mouth from drying, and how to always have fresh breath.

The health of your teeth is as important as the health of your entire body. Do not neglect them because you may end up with much bigger health issues, which teeth disease can cause. More often than not, prevention is the best protection. Therefore, use all the repercussions needed to keep your teeth healthy.