Ways Your Lost Smile Can Be Regained

Tooth loss is more common than we think.  Solutions to it throughout history have been a novel, and often downright uncomfortable.  Dental implants, particularly, a modern dental plate attached to the jaw by four titanium implants, provide a safe, comfortable, and attractive alternative to missing teeth.  These implants, crafted to your unique needs, are available in Brisbane or in your local dentist.

Tooth Loss – Nothing To Smile About

Popular poet Pam Ayres lamented ‘Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth’.  The fact is that most of us don’t.  We do daft things with our teeth and they tell us about it, sending us painful messages which we blithely ignore.  After years of abuse, the pearly darlings become craggy, stained eyesores, and then leave us forever.  Without them, our smiles embarrass us, we watch what we eat (especially in company), strangers’ sunken-cheeked faces surprise us in mirrors, and our speech becomes comical (shay* what?).  It needn’t be this way.  There are ways to replace your lost choppers.

Modern Dental Implants – Farewell To The Falsies Of Old

Forget the falsies our grandparents had. The gruesome Halloween castanets sitting overnight in fluids while their owners slept are things of the past.  Dentistry has progressed practically, technically, hygienically, and cosmetically.  Titanium implants provide a solid foundation for crowns which restore your self- confidence and give you something to genuinely smile about.  One of the ideal implant to meet sufferers’ needs is the All On 4 Brisbane dentists are offering.

Why Titanium Makes A Solid Implant Foundation

Titanium has the greatest strength to density rating of all metallic elements; this means it is not only strong, but light.  Additionally: Titanium is non-toxic; highly resistant to corrosion; readily accepted by the body; and able to integrate with bone.

Good Materials Make Good Crowns

Bad dentures unsettle us.  It’s not the bulk of Jaws in the James Bond films that terrifies; it’s the steel-capped teeth.  Mercifully, other materials bring welcoming warmth or exotic sophistication to your smile.  Experts can sculpt porcelain or gold crowns to replace your missing teeth.

Porcelain Brings Back The Pearliness

People with missing teeth want them back exactly as they were.  This isn’t possible, but there is a material which resembles healthy teeth. Porcelain was developed over 4000 years ago. Vitrified in kilns at searing temperatures, it is extremely durable.  The name means cowrie shell, a nod to its pearly translucence.  Your missing teeth were unique; replace them with fine ceramic crowns replicating the lustre of your originals.

The Statements Gold Makes

Gold has always fascinated us.  It suggests wealth, exclusivity, and luxury.  It is virtually resistant to corrosion, and makes a raffish or elegant alternative to porcelain for a dental crown.  Gold teeth are status symbols in many cultures (in some, they’re preferable to the real thing).  Celebrities use them discreetly to intimate subtlety and exoticism, or ostentatiously for the big phat bling factor.

Don’t Lick Your Gums, Get Them Filled!

With modern implants you’ll be able to greet everyone with aplomb, speak without whistling, eat like a teenager, and rediscover your face.  You paid the price for neglecting your original teeth, now enjoy getting all their advantages back.

Contact your local dentists. They have expertise, materials, and equipment to help you regain your old smile, voice, face-shape, and confidence at mealtimes.  They have plans to help you pay over time, and staff to help you decide on your crowns.  Don’t delay – another day without teeth, is another day of guarded smiles – they want you to smile openly and freely, and will be happy to see you!