Why Loose Diamonds Should Come With Grading Reports

If you are interested in purchasing loose diamonds, one of the first things you will probably hear is that you need to make sure that the diamonds are certified. In fact, buying loose diamonds without certification is not a good idea. Let’s take a look at why.

Certificates Are Blueprints for Diamonds

A reputable grading report is the best blueprint for your diamond. It accurately depicts the 4Cs and offers further details such as inclusion plots, florescence rating, and the physical measurements of the stone. It’s a great way of helping to identify your diamond and it is assurance that you are getting what you have paid for.

A Certificate Can Be Used for Insurance Purposes

If you intend to buy insurance for your stones and jewellery, the grading certificate is an objective assessment of the diamond’s quality. Should you have to make a claim or have your diamond replaced, you can use the report as a basis for the diamond’s replacement value.

Protection from Scams

There are, sadly, jewellers out there who will scam you. They may tell you that a certificate is merely a gimmick and that you will save money just buying ungraded diamonds. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Reputable jewellers know exactly what they are selling you, but if you choose to uncertified diamonds, you really can’t be sure what you are buying.

Important to Have If You Need to Sell

Even though many people have the notion that diamonds are forever, situations could arise where you need to sell the stones, and you’re going to want a fair amount of money for doing so. Without a certificate to back up its authenticity and value, you will have a tough time finding a buyer. Visit Certified Diamond Network in Sydney, Australia to find out more.

A Certificate Is Hard to Replace

There are consumers who try to cheat the system by being a little “too smart.” Whether they want to pay lower prices for uncertified diamonds and then send it to a third party grading lab, or even purchasing unethical diamonds, the entire process is costly, lengthy, and again, you just don’t know what you are getting. What’s more, not all labs are prepared to accept stones that don’t have original certificates.

There Are Some Exceptions to Know About

There are some scenarios where it is okay to purchase diamonds without a grading report, although we would not recommend it. For instance, if you are purchasing a pave or halo set ring, there could be several smaller diamonds that make up the design, and this instance, it would not be economically feasible for each and every stone to be submitted for the grading process.

The typical rule of thumb when purchasing loose diamonds is that every diamond that is bigger than 0.3 carats should always be accompanied with an authentic diamond certificate. If you are purchasing loose stones that are smaller than that size, a grading certificate could be option and it may be subjected to the purpose of your purchase.