How You can Completely Transform Your Bathing Experience with Whirlpool Baths



Whirlpool Baths

The whirlpool bath is becoming more and more popular in the home. Although the experience was usually only reserved for those who go to beauty salons or health spas, the serious reduction of costs and installation expenses combined with growing awareness of its numerous health benefits have made the whirlpool bath increasingly in style. There’s no doubt the whirlpool bath will become more popular in years to come, and if you have installed one in your own bathroom, you understand why the trend is the way it is. There are, however, some simple tricks you can do to make your bathing session even better: here’s how you can completely transform your bathing experience with whirlpool baths.

Take your time

Plan it. Inform those around you – tell your family that you should not be concerned under any circumstances (unless the house is burning down). You deserve some private time, some good relaxation time, so make sure other people around you respect that. Nothing is more annoying than having to respond to others whilst you are trying to relax. More importantly: take your time. Reserve time for it. Make it last. Never, ever rush a good bath.

Prepare in advance

You won’t need to prepare a lot – in fact, it will just take about 5 minutes of your time to make sure everything is in its place. You can do this whilst the bath is still filling up. Make sure you have the right lighting (using candles is a great idea), that your snacks and drinks are ready (should you want them), and that your entertainment is set up and ready to go.

Lighting is key

Some whirlpool baths come with in-built lighting; a great feature if you have it. If not, choose a relaxing hue (dim the lights or use candles) – unless, of course, you wish to enjoy a good book, in which case a reading lamp is ideal. Make sure no electrical wiring or appliances come near the bath, though.

Scents and oils

Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy – and learn how to use it to your advantage. Candles, oils, and other aromatherapy tools can do wonders for your mood. Experiment to see which fits you best.


Radio? Television? Perhaps a film on a DVD or some soothing music? Why not? But safety first – no electrical appliances near the bath.

Here’s another key – the time that you spend in the whirlpool bath should be your time; it should be a time to relax. Turn off the phone. Have your private time – you deserve it, after all. For best results, plan it about two hours before bedtime for the best sleep of your life. Happy bathing!


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