How Often Should You Wash a Bra?


Wash a Bra

How often should you wash a bra? Ask 10 different women and you’ll probably get 10 different answers!

This is one of those annoying ‘grey areas’ of being a woman, and there’s really no right or wrong answer. However, you can definitely underwash — and overwash — your bras, which can both cause problems.

Wash by bra type

The answer to the question ‘how often should you wash a bra?’ really depends on the type of bra itself. Everyday bras, for example, will probably need to be washed a little more often than your special lingerie because it gets worn more frequently. Sports bras will need to be washed more regularly but just how often is often enough?

  • Everyday bras: from your standard t-shirt bra to balconette and uplifting bras, these everyday essential should be washed every 3-4 wears. Of course, this number isn’t set in stone and you should still use your common sense. If your bra is starting smell, wash it! If you spent Friday night eating chocolate in your underwear (we’ve all done it!) and dropped a piece on your bra, wash it! Just remember to choose a warm – not hot – temperature to help look after the fabric.
  • Sports bras: as they’re most likely to be worn down the gym or during team sports, sports bras need to be washed more regularly at every 1-2 wears. Exactly how often you wash this piece of your gym attire will depend on the type of exercise and the level of exertion you experience while wearing it. The good news is that sports bras tend to be a little more durable so they’re able to stand up to more frequent machine washing.
  • Special bras: from lacy plunge bras or beautiful front-fastening items of lingerie, special bras made from delicate materials like silk and lace need to be washed less frequently at every 4-5 wears. Try to avoid wearing these items everyday but instead save them for special occasions to help them last. You may want to try hand washing these delicate items and should always dry your bras naturally rather than in the tumble dryer to look after them.

Know when it’s too little

If you don’t wash your bras often enough, you increase the risk of bad smells. As you probably already know, the area of skin underneath the breasts can becoming sweaty quite easily and this will naturally affect the bra that you are wearing. Although sweat itself doesn’t smell, the bacteria does, and your bras can start to smell if they become covered in sweat. No-one wants that.

And know when it’s too much

On the other hand, overwashing your bras can put stress on the material and cause it to fray. If you’ve ever had underwires painfully poking up into your boobs, you’ll know what we’re talking about! Consider the type of material your bra is made from before washing it to choose an appropriate setting on your machine and avoid washing these delicate items too regularly to help them last longer.

So just how often should you wash a bra? It depends! As a general guide, aim to wash after around 4 wears, but try to wash sports bras more frequently, and special lingerie a little less frequently. This helps to ensure that your bras stay in excellent condition: looking great and maintaining a good level of support, too.

A good bra can boost our confidence and make us feel fantastic, so look after them well!