The Best Dog Strollers

We are a nation of dog-lovers, that’s no secret, and for many of us our pet pooch is our main companion. Dogs are wonderful animals that offer a great deal of friendship and fun, and they become our friends for life. Of course, dogs do not live as long as we do, but they can reach well into double figures, so are certain to be with us for a while.

This leads us to the next, and less pleasurable part of the tale: dogs also get old and, like us, they suffer for it. Dogs can suffer from arthritis and rheumatism, and need treatment just like we do; while some treatment is successful, in many cases a dog suffering from joint problems will suffer from the same effects as a person – a loss of movement in the joints.

Getting around for an old dog can be painful, and while you do all you can with its diet and available medication, you cannot completely eliminate the problem. Yet, you still want to take your dog out for walks, so what’s the answer?

A dog stroller is the ideal solution! This may be news to you but, in fact, dog strollers are growing in popularity, and fast! For the dog, and the owner, a good and well-designed stroller is an affordable and fun way to continue enjoying your regular dog walks, with no pain for the dog!

Choosing a Dog Stroller

Be prepared, however, because unknowing onlookers will simply think you are carting around a lazy dog! The more appreciative, and other dog owners, will see a great idea for the future, for when their dog is not quite as mobile as it may be right now.

Dog strollers come in a range of options; most are simple trolleys with a space for the dog to sit enclosed and safe, and many are equipped with suspension so that the dog gets the best and most comfortable ride – important for older dogs or those with joint pain.

Dog strollers are also great for dogs that, due to age, tire easily; you can take your dog to and from the park or where it likes to go for a run, and let it go and have fun. Then, you can put it back in the stroller, and take it home in comfort! These really are very sensible items for owners of older dogs, and we recommend you look at the various models on offer.

What to Consider

Check the size and capacity of the stroller; some are specially designed for smaller, lighter dogs – or even cats – while for bigger dogs, you will need one that can handle the weight of your breed. Also, make sure the one you choose comes with adjustable handlebars, as your comfort while pushing it is also important.

We reckon that dog strollers are a great buy for anyone with an older dog, or perhaps one that is not as mobile thanks to injury, so check them out now and continue to enjoy your walks into your dog’s old age.