The Beauty of Mink Lash Extensions


Livin’ The Luxe Life With Glamorous Mink Lash Extensions

Talk about lashes; we’d be lying if we said that long, beautiful eye fringe didn’t matter. Models, actresses and non-celebrities alike all love enhancing their eyes, and when your lashes are spectacular, it’s a definite beauty boost.

Maybe that’s why more and more women are seduced by mink lash extensions and their effect on every woman’s eyes who tries them.

Sorry, No Time For Fake Lashes

If your own eyelashes are stubby and thin, mascara and a curling wand aren’t enough or faux lashes take too long to apply and perfect, then mink eyelash extensions are a gorgeous beauty fix.

The extensions are available in three kinds, according to a lash primer by HuffPost. You can choose from silk, synthetic or mink. A professional lash technician performs the arduous task because each lash is applied one at a time with precision and adhered using a special glue that lasts and doesn’t harm or irritate the eye area.

Anywhere from 80 to 150 lashes are applied to each eye during a lash extension session, and the procedure can take up to an hour and a half to finish.

Mink Lashes Are The Ultimate Pair

Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian are all said to be huge fans of the mink fringe and love to go to Blinkbar to get their eyelashes done. These extensions cost more, but the difference is undeniable; mink lashes deliver flawless, fluffy, natural-looking longer lashes. Yes, these lashes are made from real mink fur. In addition, these kinds of extensions are kinder and gentler to your natural lashes. Mink eyelash extensions are lighter and don’t cause pressure on the eyelids.

Mink lashes are feathery-pretty and soft and curly, so you can achieve volume with ease and enjoy the look for about six weeks.

Lash Extensions You Can Further Enhance

Mink lash extensions can handle mascara for an even sexier and more dramatic look. The experts recommend applying mascara with a light touch and only at the tips. You don’t want to overcoat and end up with clumpy eye fringe. Also, do not use waterproof or oil-based mascaras.

If you want extra curl to add lift to and widen the eyes, then try a heated lash curler, according to professional makeup artists. Curled lashes are always a really attractive feature.

Maintenance Is Fussier When Mink-Adorned

If you opt for the A-list look of real mink lash extensions, then be prepared for a stricter beauty regimen. Be careful not to tug on your beautiful extensions, but it is normal to lose a few lashes, so that’s alright.

The experts from SocialBeautyCo advise avoiding heavy creams and oil around your eye area and new lash extensions. These textures and formulas will begin breaking down the integrity of the adhesive used to apply the mink fringe.

Also stay away from facial steaming and steam rooms because they can cause your new lashes to loosen from the lash line.

Other than that, mink eyelash extensions are simply luxurious.