Get Some Peace and Help Your Child Develop Their Creativity

Peace and quiet are precious and hard to find when you have kids onboard. From their short attention span and constant questions, to their inappeasable need for attention, to downright tantrums, kids can sometimes be quite difficult. That’s why quiet time activities are a parent’s best friend. Here we have a few suggestions to entertain your little ones, promote cognitive development and get some precious silence.


Puzzle ‘em at every step

Most kids 18 months and up love puzzles, so having a few puzzle sets in the room may be your one-way ticket to much-needed peace. Both magnets and regular puzzles will encourage your child’s spatial skills and problem-solving attitude, and they are a sure-fire method to persuade the little angel to settle down and engage in an activity that doesn’t require your attention.

Colors of sweet silence

Kids of all ages like to draw and paint, which is great, because experiments with colors and shapes are an important part of their mental development. Buy a stack of coloring books and washable art supplies and let your children unleash their talent.


Picture peace

Picture books are another parents’ safeguard against noise. Encourage your child to learn the names of animals and objects in picture books – this activity will help them develop long-term memory and learning habits. Be warned: kids grow bored easily, so you should regularly add new items to your library.

Play Dough it again, Sam

Encourage their inner artist and say Goodbye to boredom-inspired tantrums with the help of Play Dough. Play Dough is cheap and (mostly) stain free, which makes it perfect for aspiring sculptors. In addition to allowing you to down time, play dough offers a unique chance for the kids to create their first masterpieces and claim bragging rights – and kids love that.

Addition Nirvanna

It is never too early to learn alphabet and math basics. From building blocks displaying letters and numbers to engaging math games, this kind of play promotes cognitive functions – and a valuable dose of quiet time for you.


Cardboard of comfort

DIY projects starring scissors, cardboard, and glue will teach your child important lessons about creativity and designing. As you peacefully sip your coffee, your kid can busy around making doll houses and tiny furniture (just remember to get them to clean up the bits afterwards on their own).

Being a parent involves tons of patience and constant hard work. Still, that doesn’t mean peace has to go out the window the second the baby arrives. Include these simple and affordable activities in your child’s playtime, and you will be hitting two birds with one stone: your kids will learn precious lessons, and you will keep your composure.