Christmas Gifts For Pet Lovers



Tug At The Heart Strings With These Sentimental Pressies

As well as doggy stockings, and cat toys, why not incorporate a passion for pets into an owner’s Christmas gift this year?

49% of British adults own a pet, meaning that there are plenty of beloved four-legged friends in the country. Around 11.1 million cats, 8.9 million dogs, and 1 million rabbits, amongst other smaller furry creatures will be spending this Christmas at home with their families. With such a passion for pets, it makes sense to consider this when coming up with Christmas present ideas, particularly if you’re buying for one of those people who seem to already have ‘everything’. Gifts that remind the recipient of their pets, are bound to tug at the heart strings and will be very well-received. Here are some ideas.

Pet Sponsorship

Essex Pet Shops remind us that not all pets are lucky enough to be in secure, happy homes. For those who love pets, a gift of Blue Cross pet sponsorship can make a fantastic gift. By arranging this sponsorship on their behalf, the recipient will know that they are actively helping dogs and cats who are currently waiting to be rehomed. The money donated through the sponsorship will help fund nutritious food, and provide essentials such as comfortable bedding, toys to keep them stimulated and medical care.

Personalised Pet Portrait

A beautiful framed drawing of a favourite pet makes a wonderful gift, but don’t worry if you’re not a natural artist. So long as you can supply a photograph of the recipient’s favourite cat, dog or horse, then you can send it off to a professional such as Letterfest who operates on Not on the High Street, and you’ll be rewarded with a bespoke, hand-drawn portrait which can then be personalised with the pet’s name and details. Prices start from £40.

Christmas Decorations

A personalised pet decoration makes a fantastic keepsake to hang on the tree each and every year. Sold by The Craft Giraffe from as little as £5.95, you can choose your pet, breed and add the name onto this stunning wooden tree gift. In a few years’ time when the pet has passed on, hanging the decoration on the tree will be a lovely way to honour them and think about your pet each Christmas.

Photo Calendar

Pet owners just love taking snaps of their beloved animals getting up to all kinds of tricks. And in the age of social media, many of us get to share these moments too. Some pets even have their own Facebook or Instagram accounts with thousands of their own followers. So if the person you’re shopping for is keen on sharing such snaps online, why not pick out twelve of your favourites and create a personalised photo calendar for them? Truprint sell personalised photo calendars from £12.99, or the premium version starts at £18.99.

Arrange A Pet Photoshoot

As handy as we all are with our iPhones though, there’s nothing like the work of a professional pet photographer to capture and frame an animal perfectly on the screen. This makes a truly thoughtful gift, but it’s best to go with a photographer who has experience of working with animals. Prices vary significantly around the country. Some offer free shoots and then charge you for the photos or digital downloads, whilst others will charge around £50-100 for the shoot itself which may include a favourite framed picture of your choice.

Whatever your budget, there are a fantastic range of gifts available for pet lovers this Christmas – the key is to think about what the recipient already has and then come up with something that will truly surprise them.