How to Choose Your Wedding Jewellery


For most people, their wedding day will be the biggest occasion of their lives, and as part of it you have to make some big decisions. Once the venue, the dress and the cake are all in order, you need to start looking at some of the finer details that will add the perfect finishing touch.

Your wedding jewellery is incredibly important as it will finish off your outfit, completing your look from head to toe.

Skin Tone

One thing to take into account when choosing your wedding jewellery for the day is the colour or tone of your skin. Some metals suit some skin tones better, so rather than picking your favourite colour, try picking the one that compliments you best. If you tend to have fairer, pale skin then you need to choose a metal that will warm things up such as a warm gold. Lighter hues such as silver or platinum are best suited to darker skin types as they are more likely to stand out.

Say Yes To The Dress

As much of the jewellery that you buy will only be intended for the big day, you need to choose something that will compliment your dress. Whether you have gone ultra modern or romantic and traditional, you need to make sure that your jewellery is in keeping with this. The same is true when it comes to the colour of your gown, as gold sits better with ivory or champagne, whilst platinum and silver jewellery is better suited to bright white. Rose gold might be the height of fashion at the moment, but it is best on your wedding day if your dress happens to be a blush shade as the two will co-ordinate well together.

The neckline of your dress should also be taken into account. Sweetheart and strapless gowns go best with a choker or short necklace. This will help to create height and draw eyes up towards your face. A V-neck is simply asking for some form of decoration, whether it is a pendant or choker. Try and make sure that your necklace matches your earrings for a complete look. Halter necks don’t require any decoration, so concentrate more on adding jewellery to your hair or veil.

Remember, your wedding dress is probably the most expensive and important outfit that you will ever buy, and you want everybody to look at it, so don’t swamp it with huge pieces of statement jewellery. You don’t want your necklace to be the only thing people remember about the day!

Hair Jewellery

To finish your chosen look you will probably be planning your hairstyle, so you also need to think about what you will put in it. You need to consider whether you will be including a simple hair accessory or a sparkly tiara. Whatever you choose needs to suit the design of your hair and remain in keeping with the rest of your outfit. Remember to talk to your hairdresser about what you intend to include so that they can build a style around it.

Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing to consider is you. Make sure that what you wear is a reflection of you, not someone unrecognisable. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing it will help you to stay relaxed throughout the day and bask in the glow of wedded bliss.


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