5 Ideas Featuring the Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Since the dawn of time, fashion has been that one thing that always manages to affect a person’s mood, to a point it sometimes even shapes it. Apart from being a vehicle for all that’s modern, fashion’s influence on people’s life is pretty evident – in how we dress we express who we are as individuals and, knowing a piece of clothing we put on our back can make all the difference for the day, we often seek comfort, excitement and thrill in our next clothing choice.


Colors play an enormous role in our everyday lives, affecting our psychological response to everyday occurrences or encouraging particular behaviors. Designers in all spheres (fashion, interior, etc.) are very well aware of this, which is why they are following the overall feel of people’s sentiments and looking to sooth their aches but channeling encouraging feelings through their color choices.

Modern day stress we are all faced with is seeking for an antidote to it, whether it be through our everyday activities, food, fashion, fitness, or any other aspect of our lives. Designers are responding promptly to this need, welcoming colors that “psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent“. Year 2016 will be all about gentle vibes, reassuring tones and shades we saw partial glimpses of back in 2015.

Back in 2014 and all through 2015 we saw the upraise of nudes and their variants, with mauve dominating the scene mid 2015 and all through the begging of 2016. In the fashion world, the sense of need for calmness and aggressiveness left behind is pretty evident, which is why we are not surprised to see that the new hip colors for 2016 are going to be rose tones and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting the soothing sense of order and peace. The ubiquitous combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity challenges traditional perceptions of color associations, giving it much space to additionally flourish and see where it might go with its combinations.


We absolutely love the fluidity of these two colors and are happy to see that it has found its way into more than a few clothing pieces. Now that most have opened their eyes to different approaches to color usage, we are finally enjoying its diversity and applicability to most life segments we get to regularly enjoy. And the even more wonderful thing? For everyone caring of nature and environment, the two colors are just as equally used in eco fashion as they are conformist fashion – so there’s something for everyone.

Here are some inspirations you’ll be happy to steal:

1. Unicorn hair

Mermaid hair has been trending for some time before it switched to grey strands very much reminding of “silver locks”; now, with baby pink and blue dominating the scene, ombre in these two colors is very much hip and we’re calling it “unicorn hair”. If you feel like that’s something that would make you happy and would fit your looks, embrace it!


2. Lips, eyeshadows and clothes

Naturally, these two colors will mostly be used in makeup and clothes; paired well, they can elevate your mood or cause a beautiful calm. Rose eyelids and blue lips are perfect for those with a little extra edge to their looks, and the reverse combination for those loving the classic, gentle look. A little bit of rose blush won’t harm either – it can only contribute to the cohesiveness of the look. Nail polish in both shades is trending too – try it!

As for clothes, expect a range of coats, ponchos, pants, blouses and accessorize like bags, hats, jewelry, sunnies, hairbands, scarves, etc. that will bring to your calm and harmony with nature.


3. Interior elements

Color attracts, it excites and ignites the imagination which is why incorporating these two colors into your interior may result in immediate mood lifter. If you are not up for changing your furniture, then surprise the room with elements like covers, pillows, rugs, pictures, table cloths, vases, flowers, scented candles, etc – virtually anything that will be visible enough to make a difference, express a mood and an attitude.