Risks of Botox Cosmetic Treatment: What You Can Do




The demand for non-surgical beauty treatments continues to rise. While plastic surgery is seen as risky and potentially damaging (as well as expensive), non-surgical treatments are seen as the safer and cheaper option. In fact, 90 percent of the beauty treatments performed here in the UK now are non-surgical.


And one of the most popular procedures is Botox. As well as chemical peels, and dermal fillers, Botox is the way to get rid of wrinkles, smooth skin and look younger. In the past if you wanted Botox you needed to go to a hospital, or be referred to a specialist in a health clinic. But now you can simply make an appointment at the local beautician. Botox is available on the high street, whenever you want it. What are the dangers of this cosmetic treatment?

Botox and Inexperienced Beauticians

The rise in popularity of Botox means that many more clinics have sprung up, and some are run by untrained people and practitioners who have no real experience of administering this cosmetic procedure. Some do not have the correct insurance and many do not follow adequate safety procedures. You may not realise this is the case, as on the outside most of these clinics look perfectly fine.

Risks of Botox Treatment

When carried out by an experienced doctor, Botox procedures are relatively safe. But there are side effects that can occur, especially when the treatment is not administered correctly. The side effects include pain and swelling at the site of the injection, or bruising (this is especially a problem if the procedure is carried out by an inexperienced person). You may experience a headache or flu-like problems, or your face may be misshapen and you could end up with a crooked smile. Many beauty claims arise from the incorrect application of Botox which causes skin damage or changes to the structure of the face. Much of a claim for Botox damage comes about because of the psychological damage that is enacted as the person cannot come to terms with how their face looks.

Serious Problems with Botox

In some rare cases, Botox may cause serious health problems. If you notice any of these side effects after you have Botox you need to see a doctor right away. For example, muscle weakness, problems with vision, problems speaking or swallowing, breathing problems, and lack of bladder control.

If you are seeking Botox, remember that it is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Make sure you select the clinic carefully. You need to find someone experienced in administering this procedure. Ask for a referral, or check for references if you find a practitioner that you like.