Make Your Tummy Happy With These Healthy Hints

Good health comes with a good feeling. Your body feels energized, and your mind is focused. The last thing you’re thinking of is your tummy, unless, of course, you’re in digestive distress! Tummy distractions range from the smallest ache to cramps that have you doubled over. They interrupt your day, and can even stop you … [Read more…]

10 Traits of a Successful Beauty Salon Owner

Running a beauty salon is not so hard but equally not so easy. It is like every other entrepreneurial job out there. A salon owner wears different hats for different roles. As we all know, you hardly get to a salon where you will see an HR office, a specified accountant’s office or marketers’ bay, … [Read more…]

Are You Getting Ripped Off Online?

Online shopping has completely revolutionized the way that we buy things. There’s no more wandering around shops for hours on end trying to find what you want. Now you can find it in seconds and have it delivered the next morning without ever having to leave the house. Traditional shops have a massive disadvantage these … [Read more…]

Warm Up To Spring With a New Italian Scarf

  Channel Your Inner Italian  A beautiful Italian scarf is the perfect accessory to take you from spring to summer, adding effortless style to any outfit. The nights are getting lighter, the temperatures are rising and even the sun is making an appearance – spring has definitely arrived. And with it comes a desire to … [Read more…]

Simple Haircare Tips

Sometimes haircare can seem a complicated business. There are so many different products to use and how does anyone decide between vintage looks like in 90s hairstyles, short cuts, long flowing locks or any other of the myriad options for your mop?  Well don’t stress, when it comes to haircare you just have to go … [Read more…]

Make Your Balcony Somewhere Special

If you live in a high rise or a flat with a balcony, that little bit of outdoor space can be a welcome place to take in some fresh air. It’s a cherished place, perhaps with some outdoor furniture and a few plants, and can make for an excellent spot to relax in the summer … [Read more…]

Why you need to clean your leather stuff

How leather cleaner and conditioner is a must for your wallet Leather products have a great smell when they are new. Nothing can beat it. In cars, we like to call it the “new car scent” but in fact the smell is really the leather. And while we appreciate the leather products when we first … [Read more…]