People’s Choice Awards: Favorite TV Gal Pals

If I were in the entertainment industry, one of the most important awards I would want to win would be the People’s Choice Awards. Winning this award means that the people have spoken and awarded ME, with the highest regard in whatever category I would be in. (let’s say it’s something fun and girly like, the award for Favorite TV Gal Pals).


Favorite TV Gal Pals has to be one of the best categories IMO. If you love television, there’s nothing better than a comedic duo to keep your attention, and it’s even sweeter when both comedians are girls. The show 2 Broke Girls is my jam! Caroline and Max are two broke girls living their lives in New York City and not as rich bitches.

They are trying to survive getting by while working at a diner and striving to make their dream of having a successful cupcake business. How amazing is that? I can highly relate to them as a woman trying to get by in life. They inspire me, crazy as it sounds.


The other choices for Favorite Gal Pals are:

Lily & Robin from “How I met your Mother”

Meredith & Christina from “Grey’s Anatomy”

Penny, Bernadette, and Amy from “The Big Bang Theory” (<–this is my second choice is for some odd reason Caroline & Max don’t win)

Rachel & Santana “Glee”

What makes this years show even better is that the 2 Broke Girls themselves are hosting this year!! YAY!

Who would you vote for your Favorite TV Gal Pals? I’d love to know!

I hope you have a Splendid Sunday, everyone!



If you haven’t voted for your favorites yet, definitely do so now as the polls close on December 5th. Go to

7 thoughts on “People’s Choice Awards: Favorite TV Gal Pals

      1. I couldn’t believe it! I was like, “Who? When? Where? What? Why? How?” Ha ha :D
        I’m not sure how convinced I am that that person is A. I feel like there may be someone else pulling the strings, or that there is some other kind of explanation. Then again, that person could be A! I don’t know what to believe anymore! Like, most of the first season I thought Toby was creepy! LOL


      2. I know, right!? I don’t want to believe it!!! Oh, and Toby totally creeped me out the first season, too! But now look where he is. I’m sad that Caleb left Hanna :( Have you watched Ravenswood yet? I wanted to start watching it but there’s seriously just so much good tv on right now, it’s hard to start a new show!


      3. I have watched it :) I just couldn’t not watch it. I actually quite (really) fancy Caleb quite a bit, so that’s my excuse ;) It’s really creepy at times, but then again, I’m such a wuss. Others might not think so at all.
        I hope he sorts things out quickly and gets back to Rosewood and Hannah, where he belongs ;D


      4. Ya, it seemed pretty spooky when I watched the Halloween episode. LOL. I wasn’t in any rush to watch it. I’ll have to catch up though. I would love to see him come back or at least continue to intertwine the series in some way so they see each other. =)
        Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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