Take it from a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra…we all need a little support!


Sneak peek of the VS fashion show 2013 Courtesy of Authur Kade

Who doesn’t need a little support now and then? I know I do!

And just like a push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret, I want my girls and my mood to be lifted when its down.

Support systems are so important to one’s mental health and their overall well-being. Having someone to support you, no matter who it is, can be very positive in your life. This support can help ground you, get you out of your mind, and fight those negative thoughts and combat any self-doubt you have. By sharing your thoughts with someone you trust, you can gain insight to your problem that you may have never thought of.

Sometimes it is nice to hear it from someone who isn’t your direct form of support. For example, my husband is my emotional rock as he never freaks out. I love that about him and many other things. Although I love my husband and I am so lucky to have him, I spend most of my time with him and sometimes I don’t hear his opinions as loud as I do from my female friends.

Me: “Babe, (insert girlfriends opinion) thought I need to<blank> and try <blank> and that <blank>. I never thought of that before! I feel so much better!” :D


Me: “What? No, you haven’t. Oh well! (insert girlfriend’s name) was right!!”

Ronnie: (face palm) Sighs.

Does this^^sound familiar to anyone??

Something that I learned from studying in the Mental Health field is that one of the main intake questions are “Do you have a support system? If so, who are they?”

Whether or not you have a support system tells a counselor a lot about you. It tells the counselor if the client is isolating themselves and may have a problem with reaching out for help. It also tells the counselor who else they can reach out to when they are not meeting for an appointment. Since counseling appointments are usually scheduled to meet once a week, it is important to note who else the client can reach out to when they need support.

We need the support of love and encouragement from family and friends and vice versa. We need to know that we are also needed to give out support and a listening ear to those in distress. This can be encouraging to our own self, knowing that we are needed and that our opinion is valued.

It can also help us focus less on our problems and focus on others. This does not mean to put your our troubles in the backseat by any means, but sometimes by helping others can help put our problems in perspective.

I attended a local Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting for my class assignment. We were told to go and see how these support groups work and notice how they are conducted. The meeting lasted about an hour long, and I thought it was such a supportive group of people and it was FREE therapy, given by people who are going through the same problem. I absolutely loved it. I was able to apply their mantra of “Keep coming back” and “One day at a time” to be inspiring as I can apply it to my own issues with anxiety. I took the mantras and related to it my life by telling myself to “Don’t give up, keep fighting, and if one day is shitty, then there’s always tomorrow. One day at a time.”

I’ve never been to a meeting before, although at one point in my life I used alcohol and drugs to self-medicate my anxiety and depression, I was told to go but never went. Fortunately, I was able to get medication and haven’t had to self-medicate since. I think it can be a scary thing to reach out for help, but this is proof that support in our lives, no matter how big or small, can really have a positive impact in our lives.

I found out that there are many local meetings going on everyday in my town, and I encourage anyone who is or has a friend that needs help with drugs or alcohol to seek help.

http://na.org/ is the best place to start.

Who are your support systems? I’d love to know! Even if it’s just one person, your pet, that’s a good place to start. Even though we may think isolating ourselves makes it easier, it actually hurts you in the long run. Open up, reach out, and get some support! (for your girls(if you have ’em!) and for your well-being!


Have a happy Saturday!!!!



7 thoughts on “Take it from a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra…we all need a little support!

  1. Really great post. I am lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend, especially considering my parents are always on my case about why I don’t have a real job since I went to university and all. It’s extremely frustrating, but having someone who went through the same thing to talk to about it is really great. I’m lucky for sure because I know not everyone has that!


    1. Hi Minnie! You’re absolutely right! Having someone to support and listen to you in the best feeling in the world, (especially when life is sucking). It really makes a difference in getting better =) I’m glad to know we can also find support here, too! Thanks for following and for leaving a great comment, Minnie!
      Take care! <3


    1. Thank you! Yes, I don’t know where I would be without the support from my family, friends, and bloggers from WordPress! =) Thank you for the support and comments!! <3 I hope you had a great Sunday too! <3


  2. The best part (IMO) of what recovery has to offer is knowing that I only have to do my best for today. Not tomorrow or the next day or the next ten years. I dont have to mentally throw myself in the future because I have no control over the future…. I can keep calm and live just for today, in this moment. NA is such an amazing program. And I will always be grateful for everything it has taught me.


    1. I love that thought a lot. Do the best for today =) I’m working on trying to stay present today, in this moment, and try not to think so much about the future all the time. I think that mantra is so helpful to remember, in recovery or not!! <3 <3


  3. Great post, Christina! I know that BEFORE I got a divorce, when my marriage was in trouble, I was shutting everyone out. I just couldn’t figure out how to be open with others about what I was going through and still be loyal to my husband. Once I decided to start the divorce process, I could reach out to people and build up the support I needed. It was crucial!


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